Food Technology is a science which deals with the techniques and principles involved in processing and preserving the food substances. The application of food science helps in manufacturing safe, wholesome and nutritious food products. Food processing helps in preservation enhances the flavor and reduces the toxins in the food product which results in better distributional efficiency and easy marketing of the food product.

Instrument constantly measure various parameters such as flow, pressure temperature of the process, safety and soon. Pressure sensors are employed in heat processing operations in retorts and extruders. Instruments for the monitoring of level, flow and density include ultrasonic and resonator techniques. The in-line measurement of the rheological properties of many foods is complicated by their high viscosity or non-Newtonian behaviour. Food texture is a complex property which is quantified with a range of techniques. Particle size is important for the rheological properties of foods and their dispersibility as well as for their eating quality. Particle sizing with electrical zone sensing and light scattering techniques is used in the food industry. For example, Beer Brewing requires various steps and process such as correct amount of mixture has to be mixed at right temperature and right pressure and all these in a closed tanks with correct time and humidity etc Similarly, if you are producing biscuits in large quantity then it is necessary that you use right ingredients in the right quantity and all this can be controlled by using various valves and control loops where you control the ingredients, additives etc.

Therefore instrumentation in food technology is alarmingly arising at the fastest pace with the development of The testo 104-IR Infrared & Probe Thermometer , IP65-rated integrated probe , infrared laser , The Testo Saveris 2-T1  etc for monitoring temperature , pressure etc. And the development of even more of the technology in this aspect is very much need and is being approached superfast because food is the most essential need of every human being on earth which indirectly is the one good which always has our country’s economy stake in hand.

  ” A day might come when genie in a bottle fulfils all your culinary demands, until then let instrumentation engineers be your Doraemon “


Automatic LED Emergency Light Circuit


To simulate an automatic led emergency light to demonstrate the use of diodes in practical real world purposes.


This is the simple and cost-effective automatic LED Emergency Light Circuit with light sensing. This system charges from the main supply and gets activated when the main supply is turned OFF. This emergency lamp will work for more than 8 hours (depending on the battery capacity and the power consumed by the LEDs).

The project tries to explore the possibility of creating a low cost effective charging unit with the help of diodes and basic transformers.

Components required

Components Required

  •  Semiconductor 1N4148

  • Alternator

  • Battery

  • BC547

  • Lamp

  • Operational Amplifier LM358N

  • Low Power Bipolar Transistor BC547

  • Relay

  • Torch LDR

  • Resistors

  • Potentiometer


When there is a flow of electricity in home the battery will continue charging until it is fully charged . To check that the battery is charging properly , we can put a voltmeter on the output terminal to check the voltage difference. First the AC signal will change to DC by the transformer and then it will charge the battery. In case the mains power is shut down, the battery charger circuit indicates the Emergency Light circuit about mains power and activates the emergency lights circuits through the battery. Instead of immediately turning ON the LEDs, it first reads the ambient lighting through the LDR and then if the lighting is low, the LEDs are turned ON.

The circuit sees scope for improvement and general wastage of energy can be reduced by using better components or reduced circuit complexity. We can place an ALU instead to reduce the complexity and number of components in the circuit.


Oprah Winfrey said it best: “We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

What did I want to become when I walked through the gates on VIT in July 2017? The truth is I didn’t know the answer back then. This is probably the story of at least half of the people who enter college. However, when I think of it now, the answer is crystal clear. It wasn’t something extravagant or ambitious as one might expect. It was something so simple that I never even consciously admitted it to myself. I just wanted to become a better version of myself.

I was a good student in school, top of my class, but somehow I never felt fulfilled. Whenever I was asked to do something, like take up a leadership role, or participate in a competition, I would always refuse. The reason was simple: I didn’t believe in myself and I was certain that I would humiliate myself. It was the same when I joined college too. The problem was that I never saw introspected that the fear of failure was ruling my life. 

When I was standing outside the room, waiting for my interview to join ISOI, every instinct in my body told me to walk away. I was so afraid of failing that I never even wondered what would happen if I passed. Somehow I managed to push myself to give that interview, and I don’t think I have made a better decision in a very long time. Not only did I get selected in ISOI, but I managed to unlock tons of potential in me. My seniors not only guided me but pushed me to believe in my capabilities. Though I was selected in the technical department, I found that I had I was good at managing events too. The quiet girl from school eventually became the head of the technical department, even presenting in auditoriums full of people.

Fear is extremely powerful, and when it becomes a habit it is almost unstoppable. However, just as what happened to me, you can change the course of your life with just one decision against self-doubt. When you start seeking out opportunities, you’ll often find yourself rising to the occasion. When you break away from the cycle of fear, that you are inured to, you will find the best version of yourself. So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you are afraid to fail, remember that what you choose might change your life forever.

Ghanishtha Bhatti
(4Th Year EEE)
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