Future conflicts are likely to be more violent and unpredictable and battle spaces severely contested, seamlessly connected, and constrained by indeterminable factors. Technology will become the key driver of future wars. 

And, the Indian Army is prepared for it. It has a long -term perspective plan which is based on the analysis of likely threats and with the changing threats the perspective plan changes accordingly. According to the Army Chief Gen M M Naravane, “For the Indian Army whether it recruitment or acquisition of the defence equipment — Quality and not the quantity is the mantra.”He also says that the modernisation of the Indian Army is on track.

Cyber threats, electronic warfare, Artificial Intelligence, stealth capabilities, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have taken warfare to the next level. Unfortunately, these have not caught our attention with the sense of urgency they deserve, and our adversary is making great advancements in these fields. We are still finalising the Defence Cyber Agency, which, once established, will be a common agency for all three services.

Meanwhile, China’s Strategic Support Force (SSF) was created in 2015 to fight wars with technology and “no boots on the ground”. The SSF combines the functions of intelligence, technical reconnaissance, electronic warfare, cyber warfare and space warfare. The combined effect of these gives the Chinese forces enormous capability to strike silently with punitive results; these capabilities, therefore, pose a great threat to our defence shield. On the other hand,The Indian Army is conducting a study on advanced niche and disruptive warfare technologies to strengthen its soldiers’ war-fighting capabilities.

So on conclusion , India is preparing on a large scale in this area and the progress of war technology in India’s defence is enormously growing .India is going to make a biggest noise with her technological methods of defence because we are working on with the best of best people in the country and sure within few years we’ll be able to fight against all the odds in this world.




Robotics has gained a special interest in recent years because it can be adopted to solve a wide range of problems in our modern life. Wireless controlled robots are very useful in many applications like remote surveillance, military etc.

The project is an accelerometer-based gesture-controlled robot, which deals with request from the user through the transmitter part and make a response to it. This can be done by controlling the robot using accelerometer sensor. The sensor initiates the signal and sends it through RF transmitter, and then this signal is received in second part of robot via RF receiver which analyses it and the robot will move in a specific direction.


  1. Arduino UNO

  2. DC Motors

  3. Accelerometer

  4. HT12D

  5. HT12E

  6. RF Pair

  7. Motor Driver L293D

  8. 9 Volt Battery

  9. Battery Connector

  10. USB cable

  11. Robot Chassis


In transmitter part an accelerometer and a RF transmitter unit are used. Accelerometer gives an analog output so here we need to convert this analog data in to digital. For this purpose, we have used 4 channel comparator circuit in place of any ADC. By setting reference voltage we get a digital signal and then apply this signal to HT12E encoder to encode data or converting it into serial form and then send this data by using RF transmitter into the environment.

At the receiver end we have used RF receiver to receive data and then applied to HT12D decoder. This decoder IC converts received serial data to parallel and then read by using Arduino. According to received data we drive robot by using two DC motor in forward, reverse, left, right and stop direction



“Life never stops for anyone, so you should keep moving forward.” 

Doubting yourself will never make you happy.”

“Be confident and you can win the world.”

“Dark days will come, but remember light shines the brightest after the darkest days.”

These are the few thing that I have learnt in these past few years of my college life. I just wanted to share these with you guys. I feel life has always a plan for you and believe me or not everything does fall in place one way or the other. I am not saying that you should stop trying and let life take its course, I am just saying don’t be stressed. Don’t try hard to control everything. Sometimes you need to loose balance to find out who you are. And most important thing, believe in yourself. You should love yourself first before loving others. This is because your source of love is you, if you don’t love yourself you won’t be able to give love to others.

Now coming back to ISOI, this is something which just happened to me. Back then I just knew Snehashish bhaiya, we met at our branch meet where all my biomed seniors came to introduce themselves and to get to know us. I did not even apply for other chapters since I had to go home for my sister’s marriage. I was really tensed because ever since I saw these chapters and people wearing different t-shirts and roaming about in the college, made me realize I wanted to be a part of all these things. So I did not know whether I will get into or not because I knew by the time I would come back, all these recruitment process will end for the second semester. But thanks to my luck, I made it into the chapter.

From then on it has been a great journey. I have made so many friends, such adorable cute, dorky friends, some amazing seniors and last but not the least some sweet, loving juniors. The role of event’s head was a tough one, I did not realize it earlier but as time passed by I realized what my responsibilities were. I had my seniors who entrusted me with such an important task. They believed in me and that gave me the strength I needed. I knew that it was not just me but the entire chapter that I had to think for. It would not have been possible without my ISOI fam. I am proud of everyone in my team, be it our board members or our fellow mentors and our juniors.

ISOI has made me what I am today. Being a shy girl, I never had the confidence of approaching someone head on or addressing anyone or leading a group of members. But now when I see myself I see the growth that I had over these past few years due to my experience in this chapter. And I will always be grateful to ISOI for that. I don’t know where I will be in the next few years but I am sure wherever I will be ISOI will always remain in my heart.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone best of luck for their future. Do what you want to do, never let anything stop you from reaching your goal. And remember, everything is going to be fine.

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